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CICU World Class Manufacturing plant in India Checklist
Is your facility a World Class /Would like to become Best facility? Evaluate ...
Guidelines for scores: Best: 4, Better: 3, Good: 2, Average: 1, Poor: 0

SNo. Evaluating Parameter Best possible score(4)/Your Score
1 Does company practicing lean manufacturing
2 Are Visual controls in place
3 Is storage Count free , search free
4 Are pallets / bins standardized
5 Pace of work to match takt time
6 Implementation of SMED (Quick changeovers) concepts
7 Poke Yoke / mistake proofing implementation / monitoring
8 Division of pant in small zones for effective monitoring
9 Are trained manpower deployed at critical stations
10 Is skill mapping of manpower done
11 Are operators multiskilled & plans made for multiskilling
12 Are suggestions received from employees & implemented
13 Number of productive & innovative improvements (Kaizens)
14 Are supervisors imparting regular training to workers/operators
15 Do operators own Quality , Cost & Delivery
16 Are managers mentoring , training younger employees
17 Are trainers being trained
18 Are SOPs written in local language and operators aware about contents
19 Are calibrated instruments / gauges being used
20 Usage of natural light during day time for operations
21 Is working posture / location of operators stress & strain free
22 Are corrective actions taken for problems
23 Are safety audits being done regularly
24 Are 5 S audits done regularly
25 Are product , process & system audits being done
26 Is effective communication system in place
27 Awareness & practices on conservation of electricity
28 Abusive usage (drying, cleaning) of compressed air
29 IT intergation with processes to improve performance
30 Management involvement in implementing best practices for creating a better work environment
31 CEO / Plant Head address to employees regularly

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In case score > 80%; Your plant is Best plant in India

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